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Freckle is a differentiated instruction resource that empowers K-12 teachers to reach each student at their own level.

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Differentiate instruction across subjects

Freckle automatically adapts to your students so they’re always engaged at their instructional level across Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science. Plus, teachers have access to a library of inquiry-based units where their students learn through real-world scenarios.

Aligned to your standards

Freckle is fully aligned to your educational standards, including the Common Core, U.S. state standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards. Freckle’s easy-to-use reports empower teachers to quickly see how every student is performing across standards and skills.

Freckle Standards

Watch your students grow!

With access to your Admin Dashboard, you can easily see how much your students are growing at a district, school, and teacher level!

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Research-backed and proven to increase scores

Freckle’s rigorous, evidence-based differentiation platform supports the growth of all students when used as a primary or supplementary classroom resource.

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Custom implementation plan

Freckle’s Account Management team partners with your district to achieve your goals and ensure you make the most of your Freckle investment.

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Freckle Implementation Plan

Learn why Pasadena Unified chose Freckle for its 17,000 students

“Teachers know best and they made it clear that Freckle was changing things for them. It’s so quick, easy to use, and purposeful that our teachers didn’t need any encouragement to use it.”
Helen Chan Hill
Director, Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development
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Loved by educators

Freckle is used by over 700,000 teachers and received the 2018 Top Pick for Learning badge from Common Sense Education.

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