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Freckle Math Can Help Address Learning Loss

Avoiding the “COVID Slide”

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Individualized Math Practice

Math practice with Freckle Math was associated with higher levels of fall-to-winter growth in general math ability. This positive outcome increased as students engaged in practice that met or exceeded Freckle Math guidelines and as students used the program for more weeks in the school year.

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Accelerate growth

“Students in classrooms where teachers used Freckle exhibited much higher growth than students that did not. In addition, students who used Freckle grew significantly more than student norms for the NWEA MAP test.”

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Statistically significant increase

“Students scored approximately 4.6 points higher on their end of year MAP scores relative to students who did not use Freckle, a statistically significant difference (p < .001).”

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Research-Based Differentiation Methodology

In the 2017-2018 school year, Freckle’s top districts saw 0.9 grade level growth across their active students in a 6-month period. Freckle’s rigorous, evidence-based differentiation platform supports the growth of all students when used as a primary or supplementary classroom resource.

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Each day of Freckle usage increases MAP scores

“It was shown, with statistical significance, that each day of using Freckle improved student MAP scores in both Math and ELA.”

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Freckle increases scores

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