Freckle for Middle School

Engaging, standards-aligned practice at each middle school student’s unique level

Differentiated, student-led practice in Math and ELA

Brief, diagnostic pretests assess each student’s starting level in literacy and math domains. Students practice at their own level with content ranging from Number Basics to Algebra I in math and reading levels K-12 in ELA.

Middle School Freckle homepage with assignments, goal progress, and practice options.

Assignable practice in Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science

Freckle is the only differentiation tool that includes all four core subjects for middle school. Social Studies and Science are literacy-based and include fully-built units that require minimal supplies and prep time for teachers.

World History units for middle school

Student goal setting and progress tracking

Students in grades 6 and up take ownership of their own growth by setting weekly goals, reviewing their performance on assignments, and measuring their progress in each domain.

Student view of progress and growth: coins earned, questions answered, and more

Pinpoint knowledge gaps on standards

Teachers see at a glance where the class is excelling and struggling, making it easy to identify areas for reteaching and additional practice.

Standards with breakdown of students by proficiency

Prepare students for state testing

Teachers can assign grade-level practice that aligns with the content and question types middle school students will encounter on year-end tests.

Intro to Ratios assignable content

Age-appropriate rewards and incentives

Middle school students stay engaged—and focused on academics—by earning rewards for correct answers. Students and teachers both love the balance of learning and fun in Freckle.

Student rewards: selecting a new hoodie for avatar

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