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Freckle for English Language Learners

Freckle makes it easy for teachers to reach every student at their own level, including English Language Learners and Spanish speakers.

Set a student’s primary language

Teachers can select either English or Spanish as each student’s primary language directly from the Freckle teacher dashboard.

Audio support

For K-5 math levels, each math question includes an audio play-along option in the student’s primary language—English or Spanish.

Spanish text

Students will see all instructions and math problems displayed on the screen in their primary language.

Differentiated reading levels

Articles and stories are available in English in a wide range of reading levels. Students read at their own individual English reading level. At the earliest reading level, students can hear the text read aloud.

Foundational ELA practice

ELL students can build fluency in English language word patterns, reading, and spelling with Freckle’s Word Study, Sight Words, and Decodables practice modes.

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