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Powerful, differentiated resources that help all of your students develop ELA skills.

The perfect article for every student

Assign one of our 500+ non-fiction articles and each of your students will automatically receive it at their reading level. Your students will answer reading comprehension questions, and can even respond to a writing prompt.

Freckle article

Word Study

With Word Study, your students practice word patterns that help them learn to spell, read, and write. Plus, the Word Study program automatically meets students at their developmental stage.

Freckle Word Study

Benchmark assessments

The ELA Benchmark Assessments cover all grade-level ELA standards for fiction and nonfiction text, writing, speaking & listening, and language (grammar). Each assessment contains multiple reading passages in addition to stand-alone questions.

Freckle ELA Assessment

Detailed reports

Freckle’s ELA Reports make it easy for teachers to track student performance and progress throughout the school year and make informed decisions about their teaching.

ELA Report Card

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