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What Is a Differentiation Platform?

Freckle is the first and only differentiation platform for K-12 teachers. Now you can reach every student at their level across subjects.

Takes the extra work out of differentiation

Every classroom is made up of unique students who are all at different levels. Freckle’s differentiation platform makes it easy for teachers to reach each student at their own individual level—without having to spend extra time preparing many different lessons every day

Freckle Math Report

Differentiate all four core subjects

Unlike adaptive programs that only offer practice in one subject, a differentiation platform is a one-stop shop for Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. Teachers never have to search around for additional lessons or materials—everything they need is right in their dashboard.

All of the Freckle subjects

The perfect lesson for each student

Every lesson within Freckle is available in different levels, so every student can learn and understand the material at their own level. No one gets bored or left behind, and everyone can participate in group activities and class discussions

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Differentiates both what and how students learn

Unlike adaptive programs, Freckle’s differentiation platform lets teachers differentiate both what and how students learn. This means that students are engaged at their academic level, on topics that interest them, while also learning in the way that’s best for them.

A chart explaining a differentiation platform

Always adapting to challenge the student

As students grow and learn, Freckle’s differentiation platform constantly adjusts to give them the perfect lesson.

Freckle student dashboard

Teachers and administrators can track progress

With Freckle’s differentiation platform, teachers and administrators can monitor progress at the individual, class, school, and district levels. Freckle’s reports make it easy for teachers to pinpoint where their class is excelling and where they need extra instruction. They can also quickly identify students who could benefit from intervention.

Math report card in Freckle

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