Our mission is simple.

Ensure every student gets a world-class education.

Every classroom has students at many different levels. In fact, close to 75% of classrooms have students with reading levels that span across more than four grade levels!

School buildings

Yet, most teachers are only provided with resources that teach one specific level.

To overcome this, teachers work nights and weekends to find the perfect piece of content for each of their students. Then, during the day, they work with their classes in small groups so they can personalize their instruction as best they can.

Teachers are doing this all on their own, and they deserve our help.

That’s why, at Freckle, we provide teachers with the best differentiation platform so they can teach all of their students at the level that’s best for them.

If you’d like to see how Freckle can help your school or district differentiate instruction for every student, request a personalized demo today!